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Protection Labs

Our new car protection packages at Protection Labs are carefully crafted to offer unmatched protection and enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle. We believe every new car should retain its flawless look for the longest time possible. That's why we've developed all-encompassing protection solutions that safeguard your car against various elements that might diminish its shine and luster.

Paying close attention to the unique care needs of each vehicle, we provide personalized, tiered solutions aimed at prolonging the lifespan and boosting the beauty of your car. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a dedicated clientele in Costa Mesa, who repeatedly entrust us with their vehicles, reflecting their unwavering confidence in our services.

The INvisible Armor

We are proud of our paint protection services. They are tailored to maintain the impeccable condition of your vehicle in Costa Mesa and Orange County. Paint Protection Film is a thin, almost invisible layer of protection that serves as a shield for your car's paint, protecting it from common road hazards like scratches, chips, and the effects of harsh weather. This protective layer helps your car retain its brand-new appearance for a longer period.

Recognizing that each vehicle owner has specific protection requirements, we offer a variety of coverage options. These range from partial front coverage, which protects critical areas such as the hood and front bumper, to full front coverage for more extensive protection, and complete car coverage for the ultimate defense against potential damage. Each option is carefully applied by our expert technicians, ensuring precision and excellence in every task.

Paint protection film orange county
Audi S4 after installation of paint protection film


The effectiveness, longevity, and aesthetics of clear bra film are fundamentally linked to the quality of its application. Our team isn't just trained and experienced; we are deeply committed to the craftsmanship we bring to every paint protection film or ceramic coating installation.

Cars are more than just a mode of transport for us; they are our passion. Whether it’s modifying, driving, racing, or detailing, vehicles hold a special place in our hearts.

Our drive comes from the desire to either preserve your vehicle’s flawless look or restore its original shine. We serve clients across Orange County who seek exceptional workmanship, whether they're choosing a our premium Gyeon nano coating or XPEL installation.

Benefits Of Our XPEL Paint Protection Service

Stain Resistant
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What's Included In Our Ceramic Coating Service?

This service goes well beyond a basic application. We adhere to a detailed process to guarantee the finest outcomes for each vehicle we handle in our Costa Mesa detailing studio.

Our team of expert and certified installers begins with an extensive decon wash, followed by paint decontamination using an iron remover and clay bar. For those seeking flawless results, we also offer professional paint correction to eradicate any swirls or scratches before the coating application.

Our commitment doesn't end with the application; every service includes a warranty and dedicated aftercare to ensure your Gyeon coating achieves optimal performance and longevity. We're dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence at every step.


Paint protection film (PPF), also known as clear bra, 3M Scotchgard, or clear vinyl wrap, is a transparent layer of thermoplastic urethane applied to a vehicle's painted surfaces. Its primary purpose is to shield the paint from common hazards like stone chips, bug splatters, scratches, and other types of damage encountered during driving.

Despite being around since the 1950s, PPF gained significant popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness and durability. According to 3M, a leading manufacturer, a professionally installed PPF can last over 10 years.

PPF comes in various thicknesses, with 8 mils (0.008 inches) being the most common. Thicker films offer enhanced protection but might be harder to install and could show more texture.

Paint Protection Film in Costa Mesa

Our team at Protection Labs applying XPEL Ultimate on a Tesla Model 3

PPF can be applied to any painted surface on a vehicle, including the hood, fenders, doors, mirrors, and bumpers. It's also suitable for protecting headlights and taillights.

There are two main types of PPF: pre-cut and custom. Pre-cut films are tailored to fit specific vehicle models precisely, while custom films are trimmed on-site to match a vehicle's unique contours.

Installation can be done by professionals or vehicle owners. However, professional installation is recommended for optimal results, as it demands specialized tools and expertise to ensure a seamless application.


For those seeking professional-grade paint protection film, several reputable brands stand out in the market. These brands have earned recognition for consistently delivering high-quality products that offer exceptional paint protection.


XPEL leads the industry in paint protection technology, with its Ultimate Plus film being a top choice among professionals and consumers alike. Renowned for its transparent, high-gloss finish, XPEL Ultimate Plus provides superior defense against rock chips, scratches, and other forms of damage. Moreover, its self-healing properties allow minor scratches to disappear over time.

3M Scotchgard

3M, a global leader in films and adhesives, offers the Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series, a highly regarded option among consumers. Notably, this product features a remarkable self-healing formula that effectively eliminates minor scratches without any intervention.


Although relatively new, Kavaca's paint protection film is crafted from high-grade polyurethane and boasts a self-healing topcoat that safeguards against scratches and swirl marks. However, given its recent introduction, its reliability and durability remain to be fully assessed.


SunTek is a reputable brand known for its range of paint protection films designed specifically for cars. The Ultra film, one of their popular offerings, delivers a clear, high-gloss finish while providing reliable defense against common sources of damage like rock chips and scratches.


The cost of a Paint Protection Film (PPF) package in Costa Mesa typically ranges from $1,000 to $7,500. This pricing varies based on factors such as the selected package, the vehicle's age and condition, and the chosen brand. Premium brands like XPEL may command higher prices due to their superior performance and durability.


Several factors can influence the cost of installing paint protection film:

Quality of Film: Higher-quality films offer better protection and clarity, thus commanding higher prices.

Coverage Area: Larger vehicles or those requiring full-body coverage incur higher costs compared to smaller vehicles or partial coverage.

Type of Vehicle: Vehicles with complex designs may require more labor, impacting the overall installation cost.

Manufacturer: Different manufacturers offer PPF films at varying price points, with premium brands usually costing more.


While PPF offers excellent protection, there are some considerations:


When selecting a professional paint protection film, consider features like:

Why XPEL Is The #1 PPF Product in Orange County

XPEL Paint Protection Film is a popular option for car owners looking to protect their vehicles from scratches, chips, and other common damages on the roads of Orange County. This clear, thin film is applied to the exterior of a car and acts as a barrier between the paint and the outside world.

It is a great way to keep a car looking new and pristine for longer, and can even help to maintain its resale value.

XPEL Paint Protection Film is made from a durable polyurethane material that is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday driving.

It is available in a variety of widths and lengths, making it easy to customize for any make or model of car.

The film is virtually invisible once applied, so it won't detract from the appearance of the car. Additionally, it is easy to remove if desired, so it won't damage the underlying paint.

XPEL ultimate plus warranty poster

Benefits of XPEL

XPEL PPF offers a range of benefits that make it a worthwhile investment for vehicle owners. Some of the benefits of XPEL PPF include:

Durability: XPEL PPF is a durable and long-lasting protective film that is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, road debris, and other types of damage.

Self-healing properties: XPEL PPF is a self-healing film that can repair itself from minor scratches and scuffs.

The film's self-healing properties make it easier to maintain the appearance of the vehicle and keep it looking new for longer.

Clear and high-quality: XPEL PPF is a clear and high-quality film that maintains the appearance of the vehicle's paint.

The film is virtually invisible, and it does not affect the color or shine of the vehicle's paint.

Investment protection: XPEL PPF is an investment that protects the value of the vehicle.

The film helps to maintain the appearance of the vehicle and prevent damage, which can help to retain the vehicle's value over time.

Product Lineup and Options

XPEL offers a range of paint protection films to suit different needs and preferences. Here are the main options available:

XPEL Ultimate Plus

XPEL Ultimate Plus is the flagship product of XPEL's paint protection film lineup. It offers exceptional protection against common damages such as scuffs, scratches, and chips.

The film is almost invisible and blends seamlessly with the car's paint. It also features self-healing properties that can repair minor scratches and swirl marks with heat or warm water. XPEL Ultimate Plus is available in gloss and matte finishes.

XPEL Stealth

XPEL Stealth is a matte finish paint protection film that provides the same level of protection as XPEL Ultimate Plus.

It is specially designed for matte paint finishes and wraps, providing a smooth, satin finish that doesn't alter the original matte look of the car. XPEL Stealth is ideal for protecting against scratches, rock chips, and other road debris that can damage the car's delicate finish.

XPEL Tracwrap

XPEL Tracwrap is a temporary paint protection film that is perfect for track days, road trips, or any time when you need extra protection for your car's paint.

It is easy to install and remove, and it won't damage the car's paint or leave any residue. XPEL Tracwrap is available in clear and matte finishes, and it can be custom-cut to fit any car or motorcycle.

XPEL also offers other options such as Clear Bras, Ultimate Plus™, Matte, Magno, Frozen, Frosted, Armor, and Ares. These products provide different types of protection and finishes to suit various preferences. For example, Clear Bras are a custom-fit paint protection film that covers the front end of the car to protect against rock chips and other debris. XPEL Armor is a thicker film that provides extra protection against heavy impacts.

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